House Exchange puts residents in touch with each other, matching their property requirements. These include their existing and desired location, property type, number of bedrooms required, rent and other selectable features.  

Location matching is not always straightforward, and we wanted to ensure that we could provide matches in real time to tens of thousands of users. We also wanted to provide a separate administration area to allow landlords to manage and assist their tenants using the system.  


Our solution

We created a website that provides access to House Exchange depending on the user. Residents have an area where they can create their own advert and communicate with other users on the site. Partnered landlords have access to their own database which enables them to manage, support and review tenant activity. They also have access to an offline area which lets them help tenants, not online. 

Incorporated into our platform are geographic techniques to make searching fast enough for real-time operation. This differs to other competing systems as they carry out their matching offline which restricts access; their matching lists are compiled overnight so new properties are not available until a new list is compiled. Unlike our system, matches are available immediately. 

Powerful matching algorithms allow users to create property multi swaps using this matching technique. Tenants can review lists of properties that match their specifications to create a multi swap, opening many more possibilities. Multi swap searches require complex processing and, impressively, our platform delivers these search results in real time.  


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