Resident leaflets and posters so you can encourage your residents to register

Marketing materials 

To help you inform your residents about House Exchange being your mutual exchange provider, we have a range of marketing materials available for you to use.  

These materials include: 

  • Leaflets which can be sent to your residents either digitally or physically 
  • Posters to be displayed in public spaces within your community 
  • Email templates for sending comms to your residents 
  • Template with information on House Exchange for you to add onto your organisations website
  • Promotional Video which can be plugged into the House Exchange page on your organisations website 

Our materials can be tailored for your organisation’s requirements, or if you have a vision of something you would like created for marketing purposes, we’d love to chat to you! For example, we recently created a digital billboard so a partner could promote House Exchange in their local community. 


Social Media Content 

A wonderful way to stay connected with your residents and promote mutual exchange as a way of moving is through social media. We have some great content for you to share, from information and imagery which can be posted on your social media feeds, or banners to add to your channels.  

We can provide you with a month-long social media campaign focused on mutual exchange. This would include guidance on using House Exchange, tips for using the service, quotes from users and property of the week posts, showcasing your residents' homes. 

We have standard templates for all our social media content, or if you prefer you can get personalised materials for your organisation with on-hand support from our team. Please get in touch if this would be of interest! 


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